What We Do

What We Do

We're a market research-based strategy studio. We use the tools of market research to help our clients make decisions about their business and brand - from the way teams work to the way you bring new products into the world to the way you serve your customers.

Our Mission

We believe in not wasting your time.
We’re here to help you…

• Get quality information
• Make sense of it
• Develop great insights
• Share them with the whole team
• Chart a path forward
• Make better decisions

… efficiently, effectively, and with clarity.

Our Toolkit

We believe that your audience is the opportunity - so we put them at the center of all that we do. Whether you’re launching a new product or brand, refreshing an existing one, or embarking on a significant change, we provide:

  • Hands-on, collaborative strategic consulting: across audience, brand, communications, experience and product, as well as training/coaching teams and facilitating collaborative strategy workshops.
  • Custom, immersive, qualitative-led research: multi-method market research across category and cultural trends, your audience, your brand or product strategy, your communications, and your user experience.

Our clients

List of clients

Our global capabilities

Where we've worked: we've helped global businesses understand their audience all over the world.
Get in touch! We'd love to explore ways we can help you make big decisions.