Decision-making & Action-taking Workshops

One of these sound familiar?

  • Your team suffers from analysis paralysis or struggles to put together a definitive plan of action the whole team can get behind.

  • You muddle through uninspiring creative or product briefs, and messy workflows.

  • You long for real-time customer feedback.

We’ve designed three workshops for that.


Strategy & Planning Workshops

We design and facilitate immersive workshops for cross-disciplinary and cross-hierarchy teams to scope the future, set priorities, and map the way forward.

At the end of our sessions, teams know what to do next.

The Power & Process of Great Creative Briefs

We train teams to create, recognize and work with great creative briefs. And we co-create a more effective creative brief workflow to increase inspiration, manage resources across initiatives, and alleviate creative burn-out.

Roll Your Own
Audience Research

We train teams to design, execute, synthesize and learn from ongoing customer research. You’ll learn which research tools to use when, how to prioritize questions for research, how to interview customers, and how to make sense of what you learn and share it with your team.

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