Identifying the causes of customer churn

 The Assignment:

We worked with a magazine subscription app to understand
what drove sign-ups, use, and cancellation -
and identify opportunities to speed up growth and slow down churn.


What we did:

We partnered with Equation Research, who handled the analytics and survey research, to conduct remote interviews with current subscribers, former subscribers, and prospects.

During these interviews we explored their media and magazine habits and preferences, and got feedback on the app’s sign-up and sign-in flows, as well as other key elements of the user flow including subscribing, downloading and syncing, saving for later, and file management.


What they got:

We delivered, in partnership with Equation, a detailed report identifying key areas for:

  • Usability improvements

  • Feature enhancements

  • On-boarding experience improvements

  • Audience targeting and messaging

The results:

The team was able to implement almost all of our suggestions, improving the user experience, reducing customer churn, driving growth. They recently sold to a larger tech company who has integrated their product into a bigger news app/service.