Letting culture be the engine of growth in senior care

The Assignment:

We worked with a dementia care company
to design the path to growth
as they expanded their geographic footprint.


What We Did:

Engaged caregivers and families through observation and interviews to:

  • Explore and observe the family’s decision-making process and experience through on-on-one and small group interviews, conducted remotely and in person at senior living communities

  • Understand challenges and opportunities from the caregiving teams’ perspectives through ‘ride-alongs’, site visits, and on-premise interviews

Conducted a quantitative survey of senior care decision-makers to:

  • Size the market and estimate the prevalence of factors influencing their decisions - from product/service attributes to marketing/information channels to word of mouth.


What They Got:

Presentations of findings and recommendations to the senior staff.

  • A clear value proposition rooted in a strong company culture and approach to care, with key marketing activities and cultural considerations that would travel well as they expanded.

The Results:

Presentation of key recommendations to the Board of Directors, who took action during the board meeting on those recommendations, including:

  • Better feedback and incentives to retain at-home care talent

  • Street level signage and SEO improvements to drive traffic

  • Recommended tools and content for mentoring new families through the experience.