Developing a better creative brief

 The Assignment:

We collaboratively redesigned creative brief templates and briefing workflows for an entertainment company’s internal marketing team.


What we did:

We designed a full-day workshop for an entertainment company’s internal marketing team to train them on:

  • What makes a great creative brief

  • When to use creative briefs versus other formats for creative requests

  • How to manage the creative briefs and subsequent creative assets from initiation through approvals


What they got:

We delivered a set of templates and roadmaps for varying types of creative requests - from a big brand initiative or launch, to the simplest change order.

We also advised the team on the best communication and governance tools for improved efficiency and accountability.

The results:

The CMO was so energized by this process that she invited us back when she jumped to a different company to train that team on the same principles and procedures - we have since turned this approach into our Creative Brief Training Workshop.