Facilitating collaborative, cross-functional decision-making

 The Assignment:

We co-designed and facilitated a series of leadership meetings
for a major airline in which cross-functional teams came together
to make key customer experience decisions


What we did:

We collaborated with a core team of customer experience leaders to design tools for engaging a large group of stakeholders in cross-functional decision-making and planning across a series of workshops.

Key factors in our design were:

  • Ensuring everyone was heard and could participate fully

  • Creating ‘artifacts’ that would capture ideas and decisions

  • Establishing useful guardrails for discussion

  • Holding the whole team accountable to commit to decisions made in the session.


What they got:

In addition to co-designing the exercises for this series of workshops, we:

  • Facilitated the half- and full-day sessions

  • Documented the exercises

  • Provided summaries of each of the workshops, as well as our own observations and recommendations for next steps.

The results:

The team continues to work the process, and planning is well underway, and the participants walked away feeling greater clarity and accountability to an actionable plan.