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We've developed specialized workshops in partnership with some of the best thinkers in project, design leadership and innovation & business development. Check them out below, and get in touch to discuss designing a workshop for your team.  (We'll be adding more workshops in the next few weeks, so check back soon!)


banishing the creative black market

For organizations and teams who feel that inspiration is being drained from creative briefs and creativity from creative development, we have joined forces with Tuxedo Monsters, Inc. to offer a Banishing the Creative Black Market Workshop designed to:

  • strengthen relationships across teams
  • tailor a right-sized process to your culture, and
  • foster smarts and creativity by stripping away anything that drains energy from the creative process.

Together with Tuxedo Monsters' Laila Forster, we combine expertise in strategy and creative with account and project management to help teams find a common purpose, make smarter decisions, and create work that is more inspired and inspiring.