Announcing a joint workshop: Banishing the Creative Black Market

Banishing the Creative Black Market is a Full-Day Workshop about the power and process of great creative briefs hosted by Farrah Bostic of The Difference Engine and Laila Forster of Tuxedo Monsters, Inc.  If you're interested in joining us, here's a sign-up link

Who it's for

Anyone who touches a creative brief! You could be in planning or strategy, account or client services, project management producers, brand managers or creative. You'll probably get the most use out of this if you're at the manager or director level (or above!). You could work in an advertising, creative or media agency - or you could work in-house in a brand, marketing, or media team. 

Why you should come

You’re not alone! In a lot of organizations, an active ‘black market’ of creative development exists to get around broken creative briefing processes. Sure, the work is getting done… most of the time. So, why do you need a clear briefing process? The short answer: Without one, the work and your people suffer. Our approach fosters smarts and creativity by stripping away anything that steals energy from great thinking and the creative process. You’ll learn how to do this, both with and from your peers in other organizations - in short you’ll learn something and you’ll meet some pretty awesome people.

What you'll get out of it

You'll learn a new way of thinking, and a new approach to the creative brief process in your organization. We’ll provide starter templates for briefs, a process & approval map, and associated tools (e.g., checklists, agendas, reports, etc.) - that you will then build on and adapt to work for your organizations. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have the tools you need to teach your organization and team how to upgrade your creative briefing process for better work.

[Psst! If you sign up before September 15, we'll lock you in with a 10% discount!]