Strata Conference — People are Data

Technology sometimes gives us the sense that we don’t have to get close to people in real life anymore. We  dismiss focus groups as artifacts from the dark ages of market research. We believe there is safety in large numbers, placing our trust in large sample sizes and survey instruments. 

To do effective research and dismiss the chief complaints about qual, we have to rethink not just what we measure, but how we measure. Technology enables us to making meaningful connections in lightweight ways. Flexing to people we want feedback from enables us to gain deep understanding - in a relevant manner - from much more immersive and playful experiences. 

Defaulting to tradition and yesterdays processes provide us with stable and static data. Disrupting and reinventing methodologies unlocks dynamic data and exponential learning. 

About Strata: The O'Reilly Strata Conference tackles the future of big data and illuminates techniques, tools, and technologies needed to succeed in exploring and understanding data. Farrah will be presenting again at Strata + Hadoop World in NYC in October 2014. Details here, for a 20% discount code, just enter SPEAKER20 when registering.